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We are a reputed cleaning company with many years of experience. Our services are affordably priced and provided by highly efficient and fully insured cleaners. Book a cleaner with Traffic Maid Services now and you won’t be disappointed. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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Frame less glass shower doors are the best alternative for shower curtains. One important responsibility that you should take after installing frame less glass shower doors is to have the door be cleaned regularly and to be able to do responsible maintenance. Since it is a door made out of glass, keeping it clean is your top responsibility. If stained, it is so visible that makes the door unpleasant to look at. According to how the door is made, it is designed for easy cleaning. Here are a few steps to keep your frame less glass shower doors clean and look brand new:

According to old books, the most effective way in removing stains is the use of vinegar, newspaper and water for washing does the trick. The first thing you should do is place the vinegar in a small container and then you add water. Next, dip a piece of newspaper into the mixture. Scrub the glass with the use of dipped newspaper in circular pattern, or in vertical stripes. Shower soaps and water may work as well in removing the dirt on the glass doors.

Another cleaning technique that is proven to be as effective as using soap and vinegar is the steam cleaning technique.

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“”There is no other place to get the job done.”-Mary S.”



” “These men really know what they are undertaking.Excellent service providers. These men are angels. I’m on the brink of breakdown but these men preserved me.” – Renato M.



“”Wonderful! You genuinely went over and past what I expected. I can’t consider how good you employees are! I will by no means shop anyplace else again! You provide the freshest merchandise I’ve ever had. Thank you so much! You saved me when I was in a bind.”  – Tina J.

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